Methodist Homes

There are several MHA establishments in the District that are supported by local churches and the provision of chaplaincy services.The MHA Officer for the District is Margaret Slucutt.

Methodist Homes Sunday

Holding a Methodist Homes Sunday is a fantastic way to demonstrate your church’s desire to remember older people; to remember Moses’ injunction to ‘choose life’ and support us in our aim to make the later years’ of people’s lives as meaningful as possible.

It is our hope and our prayer that more churches will hold a service in our anniversary year than ever before.  Whether you hold the service on the official date for Methodist Homes Sunday of 9th June or an alternative day more suited to your church calendar, you will be supporting us in providing services like Live at Home, chaplaincy and music therapy; services that help give meaning and purpose to older people.

“MHA’s music therapy can provide someone like Mum with enjoyment and relief from 
the confusion of dementia – if you believe that’s a worthwhile goal, please give a donation.”
Resident’s daughter

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