We are called and committed to work ecumenically. 

God's love is for the 'whole inhabited earth' (oikoumene), not just our familiar bit of it.

Ecumenism is the whole Church offering the whole Gospel to the whole earth 

  • in fulfilment of Christ’s prayer, on the night before his crucifixion 
  • according to the pattern of the early Christians who shared a common life 
  • making real the renewal and reconciliation which is God’s gift through Jesus 
  • acting as those who belong to one another as part of Christ’s body

These words taken from the Churches Together in England website are the basis for the work of the Ecumenical Portfolio. The Bristol District is called and committed to working ecumenically. It therefore has to play its part in the whole church offering the whole gospel to the whole of the Bristol District. It is called to work in partnership with other churches, as the introduction to ‘Priorities of the Methodist Church’ has stated

‘In partnership with others wherever possible, the Methodist Church will concentrate its prayers, resources, imagination and commitments on this priority:

To proclaim and affirm its conviction of God’s love in Christ, for us and for all the world; and renew confidence in God’s presence and action in the world and in the Church’

Offering the whole gospel to the whole world means working not only with other churches but also with other faiths and with civic authorities. Thus the Ecumenical Portfolio has three main areas of work.

  • Inter-denomination
  • Inter-faith
  • Regional Government

The District works ecumenically through its representation on the five County Intermediate bodies in our area. These are Greater Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire. Each one is represented by a Methodist Ecumenical Officer. Contacts and Links are given below.

The District is represented on the Churches Together in Greater Bristol Forum.

The District is represented on Gloucestershire Churches Together.

The District is represented on Somerset Churches Together.

The Ecumenical Officer for Swindon is Revd Mark Barrett. The District is represented on Swindon Churches Together.

You can contact Mark here.

The District is represented on Wiltshire Churches Together.