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There are many youth groups across the district ranging from open Youth Clubs to Christian teaching Youth Fellowships, varying in numbers & age ranges within the ‘youth’ age bracket of 11 to 23 years. If you are interested in finding out more about youth work in your area then please contact the Youth Work Enabler Emma Mills.

This post was introduced in January 2012 & the aim was to develop a network which will support & resource leaders and groups in the District. Emma Mills has taken on this role & is planning to visit as many youth groups in the district as possible asking the youth workers and young people what they want from their district in terms of support, training and events.

Emma joined ‘Ichthus Youth Club’ in Chippenham as a young teenager then went on to be a leader there. She now lives in Churchdown in Gloucestershire with her husband & son and she has been involved with youth work at Hucclecote Methodist Church in Gloucester since 2003. She has been engaging in our District’s youth events from her teenage years right through to today, including organising many District Youth Weekends & events. 

Youth Weekends & Events

The district is extremely fortunate to have a dedicated & enthusiastic ‘Youth Event Planning Team’. They have organised some truly captivating & memorable youth weekends & events over the last few years with the invaluable help from members of the host churches. PHOTO OF TEAM A huge percentage of this team are volunteers & they give a massive amount of their time and energy to the organisation & facilitation of these weekends. They have a passion for providing the young people of our district with the opportunity to form friendships with like minded people, have fun, explore their faith, worship in a way they find particularly appropriate & meaningful whilst being reminded that being a Christian doesn’t have to be boring!


These are high energy weekends consisting of fun and fellowship. There is always a theme running throughout the weekend and a Christian message underpinning the whole event. Young people from around our District are able to engage wholly in it wherever they are on their journey of faith and it is pitched carefully so that this can be used as an introduction to Christianity without being too intense. The weekends usually attract 60-100 people and they are an extremely positive way for young people and youth workers from across the district to gather together to worship, grow closer to God, form friendships with other young people, explore a sense of ‘belonging’, engage in silliness, share ideas, network & support each other. These weekends take place once every 2 years and due to their success an additional District Youth Event is planned to be held in the year between the youth weekends.



Emma Says....”Personally as the weekends draw to an end the exhaustion due to the lack of sleep & nonstop activities is overtaken by pride. I’m always rather emotional during the Sunday morning service when we all worship together, as I reflect on what we have achieved during the weekend realising that the months of extreme hard work have paid off. At that point I yet again thank God for giving us the skills, dedication & passion required to provide such a wonderful experience for these young people. I look back on my own teenage years remembering the amazingly positive impact the Bristol District Youth Weekends had on my own personal development & journey with God, hoping that these young people will find these weekensd just  as significant & memorable.

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